Kids Insect Repellent - #1 Safe & Effective

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(150 mL) pump spray


Kids Insect Repellent

Watkins Great Outdoors Insect Repellents, with doctor-recommended DEET (5%), provide proven safe protection against Lyme disease-carrying ticks, encephalitis-carrying mosquitoes, biting flies and other pests.

This non-aerosol, low level DEET formula (5%) is ideal for kids or anybody who is looking for short term protection. Studies show that a lower level of DEET does not offer less protection, but rather protection for a shorter period of time.

Traditional Uses

You can’t blame them, really. Bites are just a bug’s natural defense. But if they leave you itchy and scratchy, fight back with J.R. Watkins natural defenses.

After a long day outside when its time to clean up for dinner, take a look at the long lasting hand soaps.

Preventing mosquito and tick bites: A Canadian update by The Canadian Pediatric Society

For Emergency purposes contact Poison Control or call 911.

Made in Canada.


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